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*WARNING: Although I will try to keep this area low-spoiler, I can't make any guarantees; especially if you're not keeping up with the comic.*

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Are there sparks between India and Shinji?
Glad you asked. When a reader contemplates something that isn't directly said, it makes things more interesting, doesn't it? See Chapter 13 and 16.

Why does India hate Tom so much?
Maybe it's a girl thing, but it's sometimes easier to deal with a guy who flirts with you by being mean to them. Remember India really does harbor an attraction to him, so to compensate, why not lash out irrationally when he makes a suggestive jibe? She's also overly sensitive about the issue of her being a "ho", so if Tom treats her like one, she's sure to be a little cheesed.

I think India and Tom should get together.
Cool. I don't. :P *laughs* Okay, seriously now, sexual tension is so much more interesting than a perfect romance. But hey, the ending's not written in stone yet. Keep giving comments like this, I like to know these things.

Why is there friction between India and Dispatcher Verday?
India finds out in Chapter 14, and I shan't be telling you before then. Haha. It's a deepseated thing, he's alway rubbed her the wrong way, but there are some things he has done to her in the past, for example, assigning her to humilating or degrading missions. Why is India his pet whipping-girl? You'll see.

We hardly ever get to see any other agents or staff.
No, you're right. That's because this is about India. It's all about India. Unless they interact with her, you usually won't see them. If you're wondering more about the workings of the Org, read the background page.

What is the significance of Georgie Tismenetski? / When is he coming back into the comic?
See Chapter 13. One of the main features of India's meeting with him was to introduce the whole "pawn" theme. It gets her thinking about individuality and liberty- vaguely familiar ponderings to her. So sometimes when the theme is brought back into the comic Georgie gets a little screen time, because he is the unlikely symbol of such ideas.
Of course, he's also just one of those characters I've grown to adore because he developed without my control.

What's the significance of that candle holder thingy named 'Agung'?
Absolutely nothing! I just have one in my house, and I started drawing him when I should have been working on my comic.

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