Agents and Players

Many of these pictures are products of the Manga Art Exchange. Thanks to all the participants, and if you're an artist with original characters, check it out.

A huge THANK YOU! to everyone who appears on these pages, and please help me thank them by visiting their own sites! Images will appear in a new window.

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Feather, NibbleKat Find India in the PE Diamond Dogs cast, Puddle
India, La Femme Fatale, Sierra Final Battle India, Lilena
Feather Wallpaper (1280X1024), Kitty Gaelen's Sewer Adventures, K.Mai
Georgina, K.Mai India as a Man, K.Mai
Feather, Hawk The Matrix Regurgitated, Tozoku
Georgie, Crystal India, Maggie Griffin
An Angsty Holiday, Modesty Snow White, Hallucinojen

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