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Created to celebrate Femme Fatale's 3rd year online.

I had a poll which asked readers what they'd like to see for a commemoration project, and the results were: #1 A side-comic featuring a character that doesn't get a lot of screen time in the actual comic, and the runner up #2 was something funny in the comic. I confess Khanh Mai and I had already conjured up some funny scenes for Georgie, and since he's the most popular support character, I knew he was going to be the star.

Being influenced by a few other satires I had been exposed to recently, I felt the urge to do some crazy yaoi-ish plot-holed comedy. In went Khanh's character Zeroun Mayire because my triumph is partly owing to her support. Besides, Zeroun is the most stern and serious yet unintentionally fruity character I know, and I love him to death for it. I had to stretch both Zeorun's and Georgie's character a bit for this, but since it's a blindingly stupid comedy, it doesn't really matter. Just enjoy, if you can suspend your disbelief.

Go here to read Khanh Mai's comic and see what Zeroun is really like. I swear, he does possess miscellaneous items with rainbows on them!

This side-comic also allowed me to experiment with Photoshop and see what I could do with an all-CG comic. It's kinda painstaking, but the results are worth it. Why don't I start doing that for the actual comic, you ask? Cuz I'm lazy. XP And also because un-ruled lines, pencil crayon coloring, and sloppy handwritten text are a kind of tradition for Femme Fatale, and I like consistency. So sorry guys, you'll have to endure my half-assed-ness to the end. But hey, I might do a more serious final draft... maybe.

Each image will open in a new window, annoying though that is.

Georgie's pre-appearance (I love this page...)
The Title-less Title Page
Page 1 - "Lunch Date with a Galactic Dictator"
Page 2 - "Standoff"
Page 3 - "McT's"
Page 4 - "Mr. Broccoli-Head"
Page 5 - "Inner Monologues"
Page 6 - "Happy Place"
Page 7 - "Male Bonding"
Page 8 - "Princess Sunsparkle"
Page 9 - "Congo Line"
Page 10 - "Mysterious Veggie Arch-Nemesis"
Page 11 - "Zeroun Lightens Up"
Page 12 - "I Want My Coconut"
Page 13 - "Such a Shame"

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