Tora Presario

Height: 6'1"
Hair: Sandy blonde
Eyes: Light brown
Age: 28
Species: Human

Tora is perhaps best known for his smuggling ring which he inherited from his father, Darius Sinabe, who was a defected Org Agent. Although India doesn't recall it, she was the one who convinced Darius to commit suicide rather than try to run from Org Assassins for the rest of his life. At first Tora was outraged, and vowed to track India down. But later, he realized it to be a more honorable end for his father than if had he been caught. He continured to watch India from afar with curiosity. He knows more about her life in the Org than she knows herself- a fact which she only realizes with his dying breath.

Despite his unlawful way of making a living, Tora is a very kind person who is keenly conscious of honor. However, he is nearly perfectly content with the fact that he himself has none. He is also known for his tiger fetish- he breeds them on his private island in the Pacific, which is also where he has based his "perfect clan". As Shinji put it, it is basically a bunch of bishounen living on an island on which women are as a rule not permitted. Living with a code of purity, they bask in their splendor under the Pacific sun in a Grecianesque compound full of pools and gardens and waterfalls. Their identifying mark is a stylized tiger tattoo across their chest (which Tora also has). Although some have gotten involved in his smuggling ring which he bases out of France with his girlfriend Lola Molina, most are just content with hanging out in paradise with men just as narcissistic as they are.

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