Shinji Oreri
"Don't call works of genius 'thingies', it's disrespectful."

Height: 5'10"
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Green
Age: 22
Species: Human
Strength: Hacking
Weakness: Handling weapons

Shinji, the most constant member of India's team, is never seen without his trusty laptop or his orange glasses. Cautious by nature, he is usually the one to come up with "the plan". He has a close relationship with India; he was her fiance's best friend and is her listening ear whenever she needs to rant.

When Shinji was a boy of 16 he had his own hackers guild, and got into various kinds of trouble. But his entire life changed when he tried to hack into the Org's mainframe and was apprehended. However, they recognized his amazing skill and decided he would be an asset working for them- a decision that saved Shinji's life.

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