"Shut up."

Height: 5'6"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green-blue
Age: 24
Species: Human, with artificial enhancements
Strength: Seduction
Weakness: Remembering numbers and codes

India has been, until recently, one of the top agents for the Org. She has performed everything from security escorts to robbery to assassinations, and is also a guinea pig for various experiments in technology that the Org gets it's hands on, such as the laser canon implant on her left arm, specially developed musculature, and the "chip" over her right eye. Usually the first choice for assignments involving a woman's wiles, she used to enjoy her power over men but has grown to resent the use of her body.

Although India never seems to bat an eyelash at what she does (and has been trained not to question higher authority), a part of her is humane enough to be sensitive, so she keeps it well-protected behind the mask of a sarcastic, and sometimes bitter demeanor. She does not recall a lot of her past, but she knows that she dropped out of highschool to travel. She has learned many languages and skills from various different countries. Always looking for thrills in life, she got involved with the Org after moving back to North America. She had a fiance, James, who has disappeared.

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