Height: 6'3"
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Amber / red when enraged
Age: 26
Species: Mutant

Gaelen, the ambiguous young winged man; solemn and brooding, with a strong sense of honor and duty. More nocturnal than humans tend to be, he likes to hang out on rooftops at night people-watching, and seems to be less attached to the "Underworld" (where all the mutants hang out) than others of his kind.

Mutants are poor souls who have been experimented on by various science facilities, then later abandoned or escaped from their typically cruel treatment. Commonly viewed both by others and themselves as more animal than human, they eventually came together for the mutual safety and support of others of their kind. Now mutants are seldom seen, feared and hated by the general public, since many of them have become delinquent and often wish to seek revenge on the collective human race for the crimes committed against them. Most are outlaws and criminals themselves because of their misfounded rage against humans. Some are often recaptured so that further or new experiments can be conducted upon them, so they are often afraid of the surface.

Back to Gaelen in particular, he has large dark wings, which he usually hides under his grubby coat (ask him how he does it, I don't know), and a tatoo on his right upper arm that says "US12". Because of a chemical imbalance in his system, certain emotional stresses will cause him to succumb to a dangerous beserker-like state, in which his eyes turn red. When India rescues him from a science facility out of guilt and pity, he begins to reciprocate her fascination.

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