Feather Sakamura
"Eat [insert convenient object] bastard!!!"

Height: 5'5"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red-brown
Age: 20
Species: Semi-android clone
Strength: Courage
Weakness: Can't go more than a few years without being killed

Feather comes in as Katherine's replacement, having worked with another branch of the Org for three and a half years. She is specially trained in Asian arts of combat, but in moments of stress she is known to resort to whatever item is close at hand and simply blugeon opponents. She seems to take a certain amusement in her work, and compared to even India, she is reckless, throwing herself headlong into whatever she does. She can afford to.

Feather, too, does not remember much of her childhood. At 11 years of age she was involved in some kind of accident that crippled half of her body- hence, she is semi-android. Since that day she has had so many misadventures that she has died 13 times- only 6 of these instances working for the Org. It is her seemingly inexhaustable clone storage has kept her in existence, paid for by some incredibly large famiyl inheritance.

As a point of interest, her entire wardrobe is white, and she always wears a gold rectangular pendant which has use later in the story.

Special thanks to K. Mai for this character.

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